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Being abused when your hospitalized or put in a mental health facility

One thing you need to know for your loved one that is going to be hospitalized for a 5150 (forced hospitalization) and put into a psychward at a hospital or mental health facility is they may be mentally, physically or even in other cases sexually abused.

Most people with schizophrenia are already well aware of it because it may have already happened to them so this post is mainly for the families so they can be aware of this.

I don't believe mental health workers are adequately trained in compassion and de escalation for conflict resolution. They sometimes use force or truly don't see the need to act professionally like they would if your simply going to the hospital for a broken foot or some other type of medical condition.

I'm not saying all are like this but for some reason they feel because you have a mental illness your basic human rights don't matter.

The first time I was hospitalized I had to stay in the hallway of the emergency room before they could admit me, they placed me on a bed there. After about 10 hours of laying there I wanted to walk back and forth next to my bed to stretch my legs after such a long period, I asked permission first and I was just pacing back and forth next to the bed. I guess the person watching me got fed up and forcibly without warning bodily picked me up and body slammed me into the bed yelling to stay in the bed.

Another time I had a nurse in a mocking and high pitched voice saying over and over again, "the voices the voices, they won't stop". He then started laughing and walked out of the hospital room.

During that same visit they wanted a pee sample and I couldn't go to the bathroom and I wasn't being violent at all (I am not a violent person even in a psychosis) so they strapped my arms and legs to the bed and say I would stay that way until I complied. They left me their and left the room.

Well after a few hours I really had to go pee and I was yelling to the door so someone would hear me that I needed to go to the bathroom real bad, a nurse came to the door and told me to be quiet and I told her I really needed to go pee and she just ignored me and left the door to my room. I held my pee very painfully for another 2 hours before someone came with a pee container.

These are just some of the things I have experienced. I'm telling you this so you are aware and I hope when your loved one is hospitalized you stay with them through it so the hospital staff know they will be hold accountable.

Are voices are not heard because we can't defend ourselves, who is the authorities going to believe, a mental patient or the professional medical staff?

Also please keep in contact with your loved one during their stay in a mental health facility. During my stay I was verbally abused and the place portioned food during meal times that I was always left still hungry all day. I was so hungry all day I day dreamed about food and went to bed starving every night.

Let the staff their know you will hold them accountable for their treatment and will keep updated by your loved one what is happening to them.

I also wish treatment could be done at home for these reasons over being hospitalized.

Also all the patients there all have chemical imbalances in their brain like your loved one and dealing with a group of people all having mental health problems just isn't a sometimes safe or healing calm environment for your loved one to get better.

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