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How does it feel to come out of a psychosis

Updated: Jan 6

For me coming out of a psychosis I felt my mind was damaged for awhile because it takes a physical and emotional toll on your brain.

The memories of what I went through during it haunted me for months afterwards.

I came out of it slowly and piece by piece my sanity came back until like a cold bucket of water was poured over you one day i was myself again with the shock of the psychosis and the treatment. It feels like your brain is being squeezing out toxic waste.

Eventually life got back to normal and those feelings went away but it still stresses me out thinking about it.

Going to a resturaunt or any other place after recovery and the residual feelings of feeling like your being followed when you were in the psychosis can be very alarming in the beginning.

But seeing how you were thinking before with how your thinking now can be relieving but it was still difficult for me to be outside in public.

Please give your loved one time to adjust back to normal life, it really is a process.

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