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Invega Sustenna the one shot a month so you can keep on Going Going Going in Life :)

As a disclaimer I am not a medical professional, I'm simply a blogger with a mental illness sharing my opinions and experiences. Please seek advice from a medical professional such as a psychiatrist before taking any action.

I would suggest though take a drug-gene testing lab from your doctor to see what drugs work with your specific body chemistry. See my post on drug-gene testing.

One of my favorite medications that has personally worked for my specific body chemistry is Invega Sustenna.

Another name for it is Paliperidone. It treats schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. It is a second-generation atypical antipsychotic. It works by rebalancing dopamine and serotonin to vastly progress thinking, mood, and behavior.

It can be in both pill form and shot form but I take it in shot form once a month.

This drug really changed my life. In the beginning of being diagnosed as I'm sure many of you have experienced it's a long journey of trying many different types of antispychotic and other medications to find what will work for you. It is tedious and some of the side effects are beyond horrible.

I started taking invega sustenna a few years ago and it worked perfectly, it had no side effects on me and I was able to live a normal life with great focus to complete my classes in college.

The mental health company I go through has gotten to a point that I don't even go in to see my doctor, we do a five minute phone call once a month and then I go into the office anytime during the day I want before they close and get my shot and then I do whatever else I want during the day!

They did try to experiment with the three month shot called Invega Trinza but unfortunately it didnt work for me and after a month and a half in my system it was no longer effective and I went into a psychosis.

During that time it was very hard on me but somehow I knew if I got back on the one shot Invega Sustenna I would be better again so I called my doctor and switched back.

At the time during my psychosis I was afraid to tell my doctor Trinza stopped working and I was in a psychosis.

I still don't know how I was able to realize I was sick because many people with this disease when they are sick don't realize they need help or "lack insight into their condition", this condition is called anosognosia.

Well I mainly decided not to tell my medical professional I was in a psychosis for the fear of being hospitalized, mainly due to a lot of abuse happening in mental health fascilities. That fear was also a motivation for me to get my mind right again though so that wouldnt happen.

So I went in and got the one month shot and within a few days for me personally I went back to my normal self.

Which is why in my post "How to deal with someone in a psychosis" I said if your family member is refusing to take oral medication maybe convincing them to just go in and take a shot or have someone with training to give a shot might work, but I'm not a medical professional, simply my opinion. Please seek medical advice before taking action.

You don't actually need to go to the doctors office to get the shot, I used to pick it up from CVS pharmacy every month before I changed doctors and have a family member with medical training give me the shot in the livingroom of our house, so if your loved one refuses to go to the doctors this may be an option.

The shot goes in the muscle of your shoulder and every month it changes from the right shoulder or the left, you can also get it in your butt. I personally prefer the arm lol

The first day you get the shot your shoulder wont feel sore but for me when I wake up the next morning my shoulder is a bit sore and it lasts a couple days.

Well I hope you found this useful :)

Please keep visiting my website for more blog posts, I will try be consistent about making new one's with relevant information!

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