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Using the Department of Rehabilitation to get a job or PAY for school!

I use the Department of Rehabilitation to PAY for me to go to college, it's a free great resource.

They are actually paying for me to get a bachelors degree :) Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency that is designed to help people with disabilities (including mental illness, WOOHOO!) accomplish the goal of getting the education and career of their choosing, the sky is really the limit.

The Department of Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, maintain, or regain employment. The great thing is they are in every state. They will first for school have you feel out a fafsa for free grants to go to school but for any reason youu can't get any federal or state student aid they will usually pay what you need.

They can give you a free laptop, printer, and they can pay for your class units and textbooks that your aid (or no aid) doesn't cover.

The Department of Rehabilitation helps you create a individual student education plan and are usually flexible if you want to change your major, i did about three different times.

If your on social security disability you are automatically eligible :)

An extra perk is if you assign your Ticket to Work through Social Security to the Department of Rehabilitation agency you are exempt from the medical evaluations Social Security makes you do to see if your still eligible for your Social Security Disability.

Here is a link to are the vocational rehabilitation agencies in all the United States states such as California.

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