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Whether you should disclose to a job your mental illness

For me personally I have never disclosed I have schizophrenia to a job.

It is my right to keep my medical conditions to myself.

In some jobs you are automatically disqualified such as being a truck driver but for most jobs if there is no medical requirement I won't disclose.

As far as I'm concerned if I'm competent and can mentally and/or physically do the job then that is that.

During interviews the interviewer can't ask you medical questions for most jobs and I wouldn't suggest giving out any free information.

I'm part of several facebook groups for schizophrenia and have heard of people not getting the job due to disclosing their mental illness, this is discrimination but it happens.

If you can do the work then go for it.

If your having a hard time because symptoms start happening then perhaps you should get a doctors note to take time off work so you can deal with the situation at hand.

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