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Why do schizophrenics sometimes refuse medication?

Updated: Jan 6

Sometimes schizophrenics have a lack of insight into their own condition and may not even realize they have a mental illness or that everyone else is the problem.

This lack of insight is called anosognosia.

Sometimes once they get better they stop taking their medication because they feel normal again and feel they don’t need it anymore. “I’m better now”.

A good way to help families with those with schizophrenia is follow the steps in LEAP to facilitate trust in your loved one suffering from this condition as described by Dr. Xavier Amador in his book I AM NOT SICK I DONT NEED HELP.

LEAP is Listen, Emphasize, Agree, and Partner.

Here is a link to his book, this is an affiliate link so I do get a commission if you do purchase it but I highly recommend getting it, it has been a life changer for me!

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